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Dentures that produced clattering sounds while you ate or spoke in the past are no longer available. That was the case back then, but it is no longer the case. Dentures today have reached the same level of aesthetic and practical perfection as any other dental prosthesis, thanks to advances and breakthroughs in dental materials, technology, and cosmetic abilities. Realistic looking appearances with excellent fit and convenience are becoming the rule rather than the exception. Our dental clinic in Istanbul, Turkey, can help you feel better about your dentures and provide you with choices if you want to try something different. A complete variety of tooth colours is available for your cosmetic dentures, in addition to additional procedures. Whether you want a natural smile or a Hollywood smile, be certain that the final result will be precisely what you want with the dentures we offer.

Brushing and flossing are simple methods to maintain your teeth white, bright, and healthy daily. Still, you’re not alone if you think your smile has lost its lustre or has become more yellow than it once was.

The most frequent answer to the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry’s question regarding what individuals would want to change about their smile was; whiter teeth. Most patients desired teeth whitening, according to the AA of Orthodontists.

For a variety of causes, your teeth may change from white to not-so-white over time. Coffee and tea are some of the most common stains. What is it that they all share in common? Chromogens are intense pigments that bind to the white.

Tar and nicotine, two main substances present in tobacco, cause persistent teeth stains. Tar is a black substance by nature. Until it is combined with oxygen, while nicotine is colourless, then it develops into a yellowish material that stains the tooth’s surface.

Turkey Dental was founded in the first place to create absolutely beautiful smiles.

Turkey Dental

Dental Dentures Turkey

Dentures Turkey

What exactly are dentures?

Dentures are removable tooth substitutes that may be taken out and reinserted into your mouth. While dentures do take considerable getting accustomed to and will never feel precisely like natural teeth, today’s dentures are more natural-appearing and practical than ever before.

Dentures are divided into two categories: complete and partial. Your dentist will advise you on the best kind of denture for you depending on whether you need to replace part or all of your teeth as well as the price.

What are dentures, and how do they work?

A flesh-coloured acrylic foundation covers your gums with complete dentures. The palate (the roof of your mouth) is covered by the top denture’s base, while the lower denture’s base is fashioned like a horseshoe to fit your tongue.

Dentures are manufactured to order in a dental lab using imprints of your mouth. Your dentist will advise you on which of the three kinds of dentures is ideal for you.

How long would it take me to get used to my dentures?

For the first several weeks or months, new dentures may seem odd or unpleasant. It may take some time to become used to eating and speaking with dentures. While your cheeks and tongue muscles learn to keep your dentures in place, you may experience a bulky or lose sensation. Excessive salivation, a sensation that the tongue is too small, and mild discomfort or pain are all common symptoms. Consult your dentist if discomfort persists.

When it comes to dentures, how long do they last?

Due to regular wear, your denture will need to be relined, rebuilt, or rebased over time. Making a new foundation while retaining the old denture teeth is known as rebasing. Also, as you get older, your mouth changes. Your dentures will loosen as a result of these changes, making chewing difficult and hurting your gums. You should see your dentist at least once a year for an examination.

Here are some suggestions for maintaining your dentures:

  • Stand over a folded towel or a bowl of water while cleaning your dentures. Dentures are fragile and may shatter if they are dropped.
  • Allowing your dentures to dry out is not a good idea. When you’re not wearing them, soak them in a denture cleaning solution or plain water. Never use hot water on them since it will cause them to distort.
  • Brushing your dentures regularly can assist eliminate food deposits and plaque and keep them from staining. You can clean your dentures using an ultrasonic cleaner, but it won’t substitute a complete daily brushing.
  • Brush your gums, tongue, and palate with a soft-bristled brush every morning before putting your dentures in. This increases blood flow to your tissues and aids in the removal of plaque.
  • If your dentures shatter, chip, crack, or become loose, see your dentist. Don’t try to modify them yourself; you may end up damaging them beyond repair.
Cosmetic Dentures Turkey

Cosmetic Dentures Turkey

Since 2015, we’ve had individuals from all around the globe come to us for dentures. When you come to our Istanbul dental clinic for dentures, you will:

  • The most skilled dental experts provide dentures,
  • Be treated in a contemporary and hygienic dental clinic,
  • Be supplied with the finest dental solutions accessible,
  • Made available at a reasonable cost,
  • Every move you take will be accompanied by complete support,
  • Get assistance with your reservation, accommodation, and travel arrangements,
  • Make unforgettable experiences in Istanbul, Turkey.

Denture Options in Istanbul, Turkey

In our dental clinic in Istanbul, Turkey, we utilise several kinds of dentures, including detachable and fixed dentures, depending on the condition of your teeth.

Full Dentures (Complete Dentures): Our Istanbul dentistry clinic utilises complete dentures if the patient’s mouth has no more natural teeth. These acrylic-based prosthetic teeth are inserted into the patient’s mouth, with the upper and lower jaws supporting them. Because the complete dentures are made of plastic, it has the potential to discolour over time.

Partial Dentures: A partial denture, which may be placed in and out, is recommended if just a few teeth are missing. We make these partial dentures at our Istanbul dental clinic and use brackets and wires to secure them to your natural teeth.

Overdentures: We will utilise partial dentures if your jaw bone condition does not allow for dental implants. The few remaining natural teeth, dental roots, or dental implants may all be used to support overdentures. The dental roots and senses remain in the mouth to provide a secure connection and prevent functional impairment.

Cosmetic Dentures Turkey
Cosmetic Dentures Turkey
Dentures Turkey – After The Dental Treatment in Istanbul

According to scientific evidence, cleaning a denture with your fingers and water transmits germs from your hands to the denture’s surface. As a result, after each meal, you should remove your denture and clean it inside and out with a toothbrush and soap. If you can’t keep your grip on the slick denture or are worried it may fall, put it on a soft cloth. If the denture falls, this protects it from shattering.

Toothpaste causes the protective covering on the denture to wear away. If the coating on the denture’s surface is damaged, it becomes a breeding ground for germs and makes cleaning more difficult. In this situation, you should call your dentist and have the denture remade.

When cleaning your denture, avoid bleach, dishwashing detergents, and washing powder. These chemicals are not only harmful to your health but also your denture. Use particular tabs or cleaning solutions to keep your denture clean. It is essential to clean the tissues where the denture has been attached. Washing your mouth while cleaning your dentures is highly advised. Cleaning your gums and natural teeth with a gentle toothbrush or cloth is also recommended in this regard.

It’s especially essential to keep the brackets that connect your partial denture to your natural teeth clean while you’re wearing it. The teeth are damaged if food debris is not cleaned from the stands. As a result, after each meal, the brackets should be cleaned. After removing the denture, please place it in a bucket of water to keep it clean.

It would be best if you never allowed anybody to conduct abrasions, attachments, repairs, or other similar activities on your denture without first getting permission from your dentist. If you have any concerns, you should call your dentist right away. Regular dental examinations may also help to avoid issues. Please keep in mind that your denture has a limited lifespan and should be replaced every two to five years.

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